DMA Sales Opportunity

The business of Dot Money and the Global Currency Reserve is expected to be a highly profitable and lucrative business once it is Dot Money launches and Dot Money becomes available for trading. The creation and launch of Dot Money has substantial monetary and advertising costs.  In order to cover these costs Dot Money raises capital from the general public through crowd funding and other methods.

The Dot Money Association (“DMA” or “Dot Money Founders Club”) was created in order to raise money for the launch of Dot Money in a way that enables people to express their support for the program and to also have some potential to be paid as advertisers to promote Dot Money at the same time.

Anyone can register to become a sales person authorized to sell DMA memberships and receive an advertising referral fee.  These referral fees can also lead to the attainment of membership in the DMA.  Those people or organizations that purchase memberships to the DMA receive much higher referral fees.  As described below:


NOTE: If Dot Money were to hire people directly and pay directly for individuals around the world to promote Dot Money and to raise capital for the launch then it is estimated that more than 80% of the budget of Dot Money would be needed for this cause.  Direct hiring could also create a paralyzing and overly expensive human resources infrastructure.   Paying promoters high referral fees is a way for Dot Money to actually lowers the costs of advertising and funds raising and helps to create a grass roots method where individuals use word of mouth to help generate awareness and acceptance and support of Dot Money.  One of the primary goals of Dot Money is to provide a basic monthly income for people. Dot Money is by the people for the people and thus the program administrators will always see to legal and ethical ways for people to benefit financially from the entire Dot Money program.

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