What is Dot Money?

When will the Dot Money system be released?

The current phases of Dot Money and their tentative dates of achievement are as follows.

  • Phase 1

    Development, Pre-Registration & Coupons.

    a. Initial partners, businesses, banks, exchanges and liquidity providers are integrated.
    b. Software is being built.
    c. Individuals and organizations can pre-register to use Dot Money.
    d. Individuals and organizations can purchase coupons to obtain Dot Money at deep discounts. Proceeds from the sales of coupons are used to help finance Phase 1 of Dot Money. Click here for a list of vendors of Dot Money coupons.
  • Phase 2


    a. Dot Money is available to be purchased by subscribers to the system.
    b. The deep discount for Dot Money coupon holders is announced and Dot Money coupon holders can apply their coupons for purchase of Dot Money at deep discounts, thus obtaining a substantial upside for helping to contribute to the creation of the system.
    c. Dot Money can be used to purchase goods and services from participating vendors and can also be purchased by any currency speculators, traders or funds managers who want to use Dot Money to create hedges in their trading.
    d. Dot Money can be converted into other currencies by within the rates established by Dot Money administrators at the same money exchanges where BitCoins are exchanged.
    e. Dot Money will work with banks and governments to install identification verification systems and points that will enable people to sign up to receive the Basic Monthly Income (BMI).
  • Phase 3

    Government Assistance

    a. Administrators of Dot Money will begin to pay the sales taxes to respective governments for any transactions being conducted using Dot Money.
    b. Individuals and users of Dot Money from all over the world will be able to register with Dot Money in order to receive a minimum monthly income payment, where Dot Money will also pay any income taxes associated with these payments to the respective governments of each of the individual recipients.
  • Phase 4

    Individual Basic Income (BMI) Integrity Tests

    a. Once enough people have signed up for a minimum monthly payment then Dot Money administrators will begin to pay people each month with money that can help ensure that nobody in the world needs to fall below a minimum level of existence.
    b. The payments will start out at low levels until in order to test to make sure that the integrity of the system holds up so initial payments to verify integrity may be for $200 USD per month (according to USD valuations of December 1, 2014).
    c. Income taxes associated with these monthly BMI payments will be paid by Dot Money to respective governments of Dot Money recipients.
  • Phase 5

    Individual Basic Income is Increased and Adjusted

    a. Based on system integrity tests from Phase 4, minimum monthly payment amounts will be increased each month accordingly until a subsistence level maximum monthly payment is reached.
    b. The goal of the Dot Money system is to provide every person in the world with a minimum monthly net payment (after taxes) of at least $1,600 USD based on a valuation an purchasing power as of December 1, 2014, with all associated income taxes paid to the respective governments of the individual recipients.
  • Phase 6

    Expansion of benefits and establish Dot Money supply controls

    a. Eventually direct payments by Dot Money administrators to service providers (insurance companies) or governments will be sought to be expanded in order to provide basic medical care for people.
    b. Implementation of methodologies to provide for the expansion and contraction of the Dot Money supply based on the population of the world will be implemented (i.e. life insurance policies or monthly deductions from supply based on sensation of Dot Money subscribers).

For more detailed information about Dot Money please refer to my book, “Dot Money”

Eric Majors