Back in 2015, Facebook was included in 75% of all influencer campaigns. A year on, however, we have seen something of a reversal of this trend. According to our respondents, 44% currently use tools developed in-house to execute influencer marketing campaigns and 40% use 3rd-party influencer marketing platforms. Due to the size of our survey sample, the proportions of each industry vertical represented here will likely be representative of the users of influencer marketing in general. Video is the holy grail of content marketing. Earned media is publicity gained  from promotional efforts other than paid advertising. Influencer Marketing Platform Reviews, Tools, Templates & Case Studies We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. 22% of the surveyees were from companies which has 10-50 employees, 14% 50-100, 13% 100-1,000, and 10% coming from large enterprises with more than 1,000 employees. You will be amazed by what you could find out about your brand that you never knew it existed. Brands that opt to work with mega-influencers and celebrities typically spend more than brands that work alongside micro- or nano-influencers. It is something nano-influencers can easily achieve because they have a close relationship with their audience. Is it just those firms who have experienced influencer fraud who express concern about the practice? Clearly, more brands now focus on using their influencer marketing to generate tangible results. In 2018, Facebook was used in less than half of the influencer campaigns, and its support dropped even further in 2019, to approximately 40%. The influencer marketing spend continued to rise in 2019, as did its percentage of the total marketing budget in many industries. Notably, CreatorIQ found Twitter support to be higher than Facebook. 45%  of our respondents came from the USA, 16% Europe, 12% Asia (APAC), 5% Africa, with 15% representing the ROW (Rest of World). Reflective and motivational long-form captions, as a part of a narrative, play an important role in developing the influencer’s image. Presumably, the rise reflects the recent popularity of Twitch and TikTok. According to the estimates. We have written extensively about the increased effectiveness of micro-influencers compared to offline superstars on social media. Pinterest usage has fluctuated  over the years, but it is currently used in approximately 10% of influencer marketing campaigns, one of its highest figures over the period. Clearly, the amount that a firm spends depends on the size of its total marketing budget and the proportion it chooses to devote to influencer marketing. CreatorIQ’s data comes from tens of thousands of influencer marketing campaigns and posts piloted through their platform by their clients. 79% of our respondents indicated that they would be dedicating a budget to influencer marketing in 2020. This ties in with the similar concern they expressed to the previous question about the difficulty in finding appropriate influencers. Although only 26% claim that content type/category is the most important criterion, this percentage may be understated. Artificial Intelligence (AI) will have a significant impact on the influencer marketing industry in 2020. Also, they bring a fantastic ROI at a minimal cost. Small TikTok users have 9.38% engagement, yet the superstars can only manage 5.3%. In our Influencer Marketing Benchmark Report 2020, we surveyed 4000 marketing agencies, brands, and other industry professionals to gather their perspectives on the state of influencer marketing in 2020. Businesses who understand influencer marketing gain impressive returns: up to $18 in earned media value for every dollar spent  on influencer marketing. This statistic has hovered around the same level in each of our surveys. In an earlier question, we discovered that 68% of the survey respondents preferred to execute campaign-based influencer marketing, while the remaining 31% now run “always-on” campaigns. Presumably, this last group has mastered the art of finding appropriate influencers for their brands, and they have little concern about a values mismatch. So, what to expect from influencer marketing trends in 2020? Although this is positive, it must be noted that the figure is down from last year, when 82% were positive about the types of customers generated by influencer marketing. The reason for that is because this new, futuristic type of influencers is desirable to a young, tech-focused audience familiar with technologies like virtual and augmented reality. All Rights Reserved. They allow influencers getting to know the brand better and what it stands for. The percentages using the other social channels are all relatively similar to last year. 68% of this year’s respondents prefer campaign-based influencer marketing compared to 31% always-on (the remaining 1% is just rounding error). Now more than 90% of all influencer campaigns include Instagram as part of the marketing mix. Although they require a lot of planning and bring sizeable cost, these exclusive, invite-only events can add a lot of value to a brand. 39% believe that you should gauge a campaign by the conversions/sales it drives. One of the most significant influencer marketing trends in 2020 will involve influencers that aren't even human. 36% place more emphasis on Sales. Most agree that influencer marketing attracts high-quality customers. , who provide an influencer marketing software cloud for enterprise brands, agencies, and publishers. Some people believe you can automate virtually the whole process from influencer selection through to influencer payment. Influencers Are Launching Product Collaborations With Brand Partners. We carried out our first influencer marketing survey in 2017, giving us excellent insight into the state of the industry. Indeed they are more concerned this year than last, with 68% of our survey respondents expressing their concern, up from 64%. The key to a successful influencer marketing campaign is matching your brand with influencers, whose fans are similar to your preferred customers, and whose values match your own. The video content is becoming more and more important in the influencer marketing campaigns because the consumers want to be engaged with the content. It is hard to believe that businesses would have gone backward in their influencer marketing practices. As e-commerce becomes one of the only … We did not ask a separate question about using third-party-developed tools, so these results are not strictly comparable. As one of the fastest-growing industries in the world, … However, the vast majority of firms intend to include at least some influencer marketing in their mix. Best Times to Publish YouTube Videos in 2021 – Ultimate... 22 Creator Economy Statistics That Will Blow You Away, 11 Instagram Marketing Trends for 2021 You Need to Watch, Only 14% of influencer posts sampled were fully compliant with FTC guidelines, Nearly 90% of all influencer campaigns include Instagram as part of the marketing mix, Large companies have nearly doubled the amount of creators they activate per campaign in the past 2 years. Top 10 Social Media Trends for 2020 and beyond, Infusion of Big Data and Branding – Umut Karabacak, 5 Real-World Examples of How Brands are Using Big Data Analytics, Intelligent Social Media Monitoring e-Book. Organic influencer marketing can be a slow and tedious process, particularly when it comes to finding and wooing influencers to promote your company’s products or services. 31% work at marketing agencies (including those specializing in influencer marketing) and 4% are PR agencies. The influencer marketing industry is on the rise, with no signs of stopping soon. While organic influencer marketing may be challenging to scale, because of the time needed for influencer identification and wooing, there are now over 740 platforms and influencer-focused agencies that businesses can use to help scale their efforts. Most businesses will balance their marketing budget across a range of media to ensure that they reach the greatest possible audience. A further 30% (up from 28%) run quarterly campaigns, and 15% (up from 14%) prefer to organize campaigns on an annual basis. The bulk of our respondents came from relatively small organizations, with 40% representing companies with fewer than ten employees. There is an apparent movement towards quarterly campaigns, however. Influencer Marketing Hub » Influencer Marketing » The State of Influencer Marketing 2020: Benchmark Report. Despite having more platforms and other influencer discovery tools available than before (as well as influencer agencies for those wishing to outsource the entire process), most brands still struggle to find suitable influencers. However, influencer fraud has not been wholly vanquished from brands and marketers’ minds yet. A big topic in the news in recent times has been a concern about influencer fraud. The most popular vertical represented is Fashion & Beauty (24% of respondents), followed by Travel & Lifestyle (13%), Health & Fitness (12%), Gaming (7%), Sports (5%), and Family, Parenting & Home (5%). This increasingly popular type of campaign includes inviting influencers to exclusive gatherings, or mainstream events to promote products and services. This could be a sign of more brands entering the industry, dipping their toes in the water, before they make any long-term commitments to influencers. An additional 23% plan to allocate 20-30% of their total marketing spending to influencer marketing. At this rate, it won’t be long before this number exceeds 100,000 searches for the year. But Twitter influencers with fewer than 1,000 followers have 1.4% engagement, while those with more than 100,000 followers have a mere 0.3% of their followers engaging with their tweets. Despite having more platforms and other influencer discovery tools available than before (as well as, A headline-making issue over the last couple of years has been influencers acting in a way deemed inappropriate by the brands they represent. As one of the most important influencer marketing trends in 2020, Artificial Intelligence will help to create more relevant and valuable content for the target audience. Video enables that. Nowadays, however, many firms use tools (whether in-house or from third parties) to facilitate the process. Somewhat less popular, at 24%, is the group of respondents who engage in influencer marketing to build up a library of user-generated content. For example, Logan Paul caused an internet storm over a tasteless video he shared, and brands wondered whether they wanted any connection with him. Our survey respondents are generally positive about the value of influencer marketing overall. We noted above that the most common measure of influencer marketing success is now Conversions / Sales. For example, Logan Paul. He is an Associate Professor on Emerging Technologies and Marketing Innovation. This is further proof that influencer marketing remains successful and shows no sign of slowing down. … Smaller influencers have better levels of engagement than their larger counterparts. They have made clear guidelines and expectations. They know most of their followers, which makes them more authentic, and results with a high level of trust. There are still many potential customers out there who require assistance at discovering and then reaching out to potential influencers. 41% of our respondents rated engagement or clicks as being their most important criterion compared with 26% who opted for content type/category or 25% who consider views/reach/impressions to be the most important. We also want to highlight a few other influencer marketing statistics that have come to light, assembled in coordination with CreatorIQ. This is another statistic showing little change over the last year. In 2019, searches for the phrase “influencer marketing” rose to 70,000. We asked our respondents how they rated the difficulty of finding appropriate influencers with whom to work their industry. 70% of those surveyed focus on the B2C sector, with the remaining 30% running campaigns for firms in the B2B area. Brands were finding that influencers they have worked for on previous campaigns come across as more genuine. One of the possible reasons for the increase in concern about influencer fraud is that more firms have now experienced such fraud. This leaves a mere 4% intending to decrease their influencer marketing budgets. Earned media value is a monetary representation of this publicity. Numbers nearly doubled from 320 in 2017 to 600 in 2018, and have continued to rise (albeit at a slower rate) to 660 in 2019. Here are the main results from our Influencer Marketing 2020 Study, along with a selection of other relevant recent statistics we have found. Last year we reported a  trend towards brands cultivating more long-term relationships with influencers. All these percentages are down on last year, because 7% of the respondents have different ideas on this topic, opting for Other as the most important criterion when evaluating influencers. Clearly, many firms now realize the insatiable demand for online content nowadays,and are increasing their content marketing accordingly. One of the best ways that we can see the growth of influencer marketing over the last few years is to compare the estimated market size of the industry each year. This pattern shows at every follower-number level in between these extremes. YouTube also had to do significant damage control over the types of videos they allow, and have brought in stronger rules for channels that target children. The remaining respondents have differing goals for their campaign, with 34% most interested in engagement or clicks generated as the result of a campaign (this topped last year’s poll), and 27% interested in views/reach/impression (down from 34% last year). and enter your brand's name to get started for free. What's more, you can also get access to the same data for your competitors. The follower rate numbers on the other surveyed platforms may differ, but the pattern remains the same. This means that the growth in influencer marketing over the current year, 2019 to 2020, … A further 11% spend $50K to $100K, 10% $100K to $500K, and 5% spend more than $500K. If not, you can do it instantly with Mentionlytics. Brands with an excess of unspent marketing dollars from cancelled activities in 2020 have turned to influencers as a quick and effective means of marketing. The only negative of using this measure is that the calculation of EMV can be complicated. We analyzed 100,000+ influencer profiles across leading influencer marketing platforms, Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter to see if there were variations in the engagement rate depending on an influencer's number of followers. Those who disagree with this sentiment have a corresponding increase in numbers, 45% now, compared to 43% a year ago. Organic influencer marketing can be challenging to execute successfully. Influencers … This is almost identical to last year’s result. DUBLIN, Dec. 15, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- The "Social Advertising and Influencer Marketing - Are They a Threat to Advertising Market Leaders?" These brands clearly see the value of working with nano- or micro-influencers, using a large number of influencers with small but dedicated audiences to spread the word. 66% of those respondents who budget for influencer marketing intend to increase their influencer marketing budget over the next 12 months. The influencer marketing industry continues to be robust and, given the uptick in social media use, there are many opportunities for brands and influencers to forge mutually beneficial … Instagram remains the network of choice for influencer marketing campaigns. By using Computer Generated Imagery (CGI), the brands have the opportunity to create their influencers. 87% of our survey respondents consider Instagram important for their influencer marketing campaigns (up from last year’s 79%). This is up from $5.20 in 2018, indicating that there is now a better understanding of influencer marketing, with fewer firms failing to meet their marketing objectives. This means that the growth in influencer marketing over the current year, 2019 to 2020, has … In other words, there are now 10 micro-influencers for every mega-influencer, compared with 3 micro-influencers per celebrity in 2016. 53% of the survey respondents believed audience relationship to be the most valuable factor when considering collaborating with a particular influencer. Many of these come courtesy of our partner. Maybe this is one of the reasons for the increase in the use of third party influencer tools and platforms. But despite the new trends on the market, the essential value in running a successful influencer marketing campaign will remain the same. The remaining 19% (there is some rounding error) take their influencer marketing spending from their PR Department’s funds. There has been much more publicity regarding influencer fraud of late, and there are more robust fraud solutions  now available. 80% of the respondents in our survey take their influencer marketing spending from the budget of their Marketing Department. Back in 2015, there were just 190 influencer platforms and agencies. What started as a big push in 2019 looks to continue in 2020. Although there is no set way to run an influencer campaign, monthly is still the most common frequency for our respondents. 78% of our survey respondents claimed that they ran their influencer campaigns in-house, with the remaining 22% opting to use agencies or managed services for their influencer marketing. The social networks (in particular Instagram) have made it easier for brands and influencers to comply with the requirements. Global Influencer Marketing Software Market Research Report 2020-2027 carries in-depth case studies on the various countries which are involved in the Influencer Marketing Software market. 43% of the brands surveyed said they spend less than $10K annually on influencer marketing, with 29% spending between $10K and $50K. We estimate that there has been an increase of at least 50% each year. Other traditional platforms to lose favor between 2015 and 2018 were Twitter and YouTube. The general satisfaction felt by firms that have engaged in influencer marketing seems to flow through to their future planning. 9% of respondents are clear advocates for influencer marketing, intending to spend more than 40% of their marketing budget on influencer campaigns. With the use of AI, the entire process of finding the right influencer to collaborate with can become much faster and easier. We estimate that there has been an increase of at least 50% each year. At the same time, a biannual convention devoted to Twitch and the culture of streaming and gaming on-demand TwitchCon is supported by valuable sponsorships, including brands like Honda, Intel, or Lenovo. Therefore it should come as no surprise that brands are moving their influencer marketing towards micro-influencers as education about the industry improves. They achieve … An additional 16% indicate that they expect to keep their budgets the same as in 2019. Presumably, most of the 22% who are against using the statistic either don’t understand it or struggle to communicate its worth to their management team. 72% believe that the quality of customers from influencer marketing campaigns is better than other forms of marketing. With estimates predicting that influencer marketing spending might double in 2020—en route to becoming a projected $15 billion market by 2022—it’s a good bet that influencers will be … Time will tell whether the nature of brand-influencer relationships changes in any significant way. Although Instagram will remain as the leading influencer marketing channel globally, TikTok and Twitch are becoming more and more attractive to many marketers and brands. Once they completed one campaign, they would plan, organize, and schedule another one. It is perhaps a concern that this group is noticeably higher than last year’s  21% who lacked concern. This year, the focus will be on creating highly engaging audio and video content, which shouldn`t come as a surprise considering that 72% of people are more likely to choose video content over text when learning about a new product or a service. This is where Social Media Monitoring tools come into play. Influencers and marketers alike are finding new ways … As one of the world’s most popular video-sharing platforms, today, TikTok counts more than half a billion active users. 2. This grew to 335 in 2016, 420 in 2017, 740 in 2018, and 1120 in 2019 – more nearly three times the number that existed just two years previously. Also, you can monitor keywords and phrases related to your industry, and this way you can get very useful consumer insights in real-time. CreatorIQ findings show a clear increase in the average number of creators activated per organization. Conversely, Facebook has noticeably lost favor over that period. It indicates what an equivalent advertising campaign would cost for the same effect. The ratio of mega-influencers (with one million-plus followers) to micro-influencers (with fewer than 100,000 followers) rose from 1:3 in 2016 to 1:10 in 2019. After a few years of robust growth in influencer marketing, you might have anticipated the movement of marketing budgets to "the next big thing." In some cases, influencer marketing may bring new customers to the brand, but the additional spending may be less than the cost of running the campaign. CreatorIQ data emphasizes the shift in focus from brands using mega-influencers to micro-influencers. You are here: In many ways, this statistic is surprising. Nearly half (49%) of our respondents believed brand safety could occasionally be a concern when running an influencer marketing campaign. As a great way to boost the existing campaigns, influencer events are expected to gain increased popularity in 2020. View all posts by George Mastorakis →, Social Media Trends for 2021 - How to Go Big in The Social SpaceJanuary 7, 2021, The 4 Most Valuable Social Media Metrics to trackDecember 30, 2020, Ultimate Guide to Plan The Best Social Media Automation StrategyDecember 17, 2020, A Quick Guide To Social Media Insights And Their Impact On Your Marketing EffortsDecember 10, 2020, 10 Best Tools To Auto Share Posts On Social MediaOctober 14, 2019, Top 8 Influencer Marketing Trends in 2020January 29, 2020, 5 Real-World Examples of How Brands are Using Big Data AnalyticsJune 14, 2018, 3 Ways To Eavesdrop Your Customers' Needs And WantsSeptember 16, 2016, Intelligent Social Media & Web Brand Monitoring. However, that hasn't happened yet – brands and marketers can still see the effectiveness of influencer marketing and are not yet searching for something new. Brands of virtually every size tackle influencer marketing, therefore it should be no surprise that there is quite some variation on what firms spend on the practice. If you want to get the most from your Instagram marketing strategy in 2021, you've come... Share a few contact details and we'll send a download link to your inbox, Earn a $10 Starbucks Voucher for 5min of your time, In addition to the results from our survey, we include some other relevant statistics related to influencer marketing that have come about thanks to recent research. Only 7% disagree with the sentiment. While their study is not identical to ours (they use slightly different engagement bands), the results still come to the same conclusion. YouTube also had to do significant damage control over the types of videos they allow, and have brought in stronger rules for channels that target children. Most brands start their influencer search by narrowing down the possibilities to just influencers in a particular niche – a beauty brand is unlikely to work with a home improvement influencer, no matter how engaged he is with his followers. As influencer marketing has matured as an industry, it has attracted support companies and apps to simplify the process for both brands and influencers. There has been a noticeable movement from those who believe it is definitely scalable to those who think it is somewhat scalable; nevertheless, the vast majority recognize that influencer marketing is, to some extent, a scalable tactic in their marketing ecosystem. Unsurprisingly, considering the overall positive sentiment expressed about influencer marketing, 91% of our survey respondents believe influencer marketing to be an effective form of marketing. Even average firms achieve dramatic results, with an average earned media value of $5.78 per dollar they spent on influencer marketing in 2019. It’s clear that influencer marketing will only become an even more critical component of any digital marketing mix in 2020, as 92% of consumers trust influencer marketing over traditional advertising, … Consequently, the gaming influencers are becoming more and more popular. This (partially) comes on top of the 75% increase in content claimed by last year’s respondents. Influencer Marketing Industry is set to grow to approximately $9.7B in 2020, More than 380 new influencer marketing-focused agencies and platforms established in 2019, Average earned media value per $1 spent has increased to $5.78, 300% more micro-influencers utilized by large firms than in 2016, The majority (55%) admit to having a standalone budget for content marketing, Nearly 4/5 of our respondents intend to dedicate a budget to influencer marketing in 2020, 91% of our survey respondents believe influencer marketing to be an effective form of marketing, 65% of our respondents measure the ROI from their influencer campaigns, The most common measure of influencer marketing success is now conversions/sales, 80% of firms take their influencer marketing spending from their marketing budget, 87% of respondents use Instagram for influencer marketing, Influencer fraud is of increasing concern to respondents, More than 2/3 of respondents have experienced influencer fraud, 68% of respondents prefer their influencer marketing to be campaign-based, rather than always-on, Finding influencers is the greatest challenge for those who run campaigns in-house, 34% of our respondents consider themselves brands (or brand representatives).

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