If you hold overseas shares (excluding Australian-listed companies) that cost more than $50,000 NZD in total, then you may be obliged to follow FIF (Foreign Investment Fund) tax rules with the IRD. In the reader's example the reinvested dividends will be picked up in the opening market value of the shares each year." Q. If the rules do apply to you, when calculating your 2007/08 taxes, start with the value of your offshore shares next April 1. On currency changes, the situation is the same, really. Her advice is of a general nature, and she is not responsible for any loss that any reader may suffer from following it. "On-line calculators will be available on Inland Revenue's website which will calculate the tax answers for investors from the data they input," says Frawley. You buy and sell shares through a stock broker To buy and sell shares on the stock exchange (called ‘trading’) you’ll need to place an order through a stock broker – this is a company licensed to … You will simply be asked if they cost more than that, in which case you will pay the tax. US tax: $1.50 USD (one-off), $0.50 a year A one-off $1.50 USD fee is deducted from your first deposit to cover the set-up, and after that, a $0.50 fee is deducted from your account each year to sort your US taxes for you. We have a couple of shares which were bought some years ago for around 2000 and are now worth 55,000. Most New Zealand based fund managers have converted their retail funds into PIE funds. Frawley adds that taxpayers affected by the new rules will still be able to claim a foreign tax credit for the foreign withholding tax deducted from their gross dividends. A. Inland Revenue has no plans to publish such a list. However, with the new system due to be implemented this year, what does one do? Find out whether you need to pay UK tax on foreign income - residence and ‘non-dom’ status, tax returns, claiming relief if you’re taxed twice (including certificates of residence) will be your status as a New Zealand tax resident. They don't apply to overseas property, bonds or cash. Income Tax Act 1994, ss CF 6, LC 6, NG 1(2)(a). # Include the dividend as usual and not enter it in the value of the shares, or This is an annual tax on the rise in value of your holdings, not a tax on the sale. This is then converted to a certain number of shares, which are added to the base shareholding. Note, though, that the rules don't apply to investments in Australian resident listed companies, or if the total original cost of your non-Australian offshore shares is $50,000 or less. However, the exemption will apply for a limited period to trusts created on a person's death, so that trustees have sufficient time to deal with the deceased's estate under the will." He adds that "it has been a requirement for many years with the current Grey List exemption for a person to know whether the companies they invest in are resident in Grey List countries (Australia, United Kingdom, Germany, Norway, Spain, United States, Canada and Japan)". Do any readers know of any? Tax Technical - Inland Revenue NZ. In fact, New Zealand has the least cash circulating per person than any other OECD country. February 17, 2007 Q. Multinational Enterprises - Compliance Focus 2019 (PDF 941KB) Download guide Compliance focus documents from previous years. However, help is at hand. We've collated for you a selection of questions Mary has answered since the taxation legislation passed late last year. The $50,000 threshold. From reading the answers you got from Peter Frawley, I understand that the $50,000 threshold operates on the original cost of purchasing the shares. But if you do buy more shares, you need to add the cost of those purchases to the original costs of your current holdings. # Are all companies listed on the Australian stock exchange exempt or are some still caught by the tax rules, as are UK investment trusts listed on the NZ stock exchange? IR330C - choose a tax rate for your schedular payments. "The new rules have been designed to minimise investors' compliance costs," he says. For example BHP Billiton and Rio Tinto are dual listed in Australia and Britain, but are they resident in Australia? Inland Revenue is being unfair, if it leaves it up to the taxpayer to determine a company's residency. It's irrelevant what happens to their value after purchase. Probably the latter. # Drop it from the dividend declaration and have it included in the value of the shares? February 24, 2007 Q. I am in the position of having invested in a tech stock in Canada in 2002, at a cost of slightly over $60,000, as opposed to today's value of the stock of around $16,000. He adds that "individual facts and circumstances are taken into account". The answer to your third question is: "Yes, you can ignore the tax." 1) Is this a $50,000 exemption or a $50,000 threshold? shares in foreign companies (like what you buy on Hatch) rental properties in another country (not included in FIF rules) bank accounts (not included in FIF rules) If you’re a tax resident outside New … This way the opening value of overseas investment is zero. a New Zealand tax resident, or where the individual has previously returned income of the superannuation scheme under the FIF regime and elects to continue to do so. Go to www.taxpolicy.ird.govt.nz, and scroll down the homepage to February 23, "More on offshore investment changes". My answer - not Peter Frawley's - is that if your international share holding originally cost, say, $50,000 to $70,000, and you have no plans to buy any more international shares, it would probably be a good idea to sell down to below $50,000. If that is the case, you will be subject to tax only on overseas income or gains remitted to the UK. Is it still April 1, 2007, i.e. Simply the best portfolio management tool for DIY investors. Thanks very much. I think Frawley is politely trying to tell you the new rules will be easier than the old ones, so what are you moaning about! Browse new legislation. As it may not be readily apparent that an Australian listed company is not an Australian resident, is Inland Revenue going to provide such a schedule on its website, which will ensure that taxpayers can comply with the new legislation. As Frawley points out, when you calculate the tax, it will be based on the current market value. March 10, 2007 Q. I follow your columns on taxing of overseas shares because I have shares and unit trust investments in Canada. These rules apply to offshore investments held by New Zealand-resident taxpayers and target overseas companies who do not pay dividends. Should be paying the tax you need to pay the tax you need to pay the taxpayer to determine company! - Compliance Focus 2019 ( PDF 941KB ) Download guide Compliance Focus 2019 ( PDF 941KB ) guide... Insurance policy ( and the policy is not a tax rate for your readers e.g be over. Under the fair dividend rate rules a good idea to open an account before you get interest and dividends your! And you should seek tax advice rules are harsh enough to warrant most people getting out of international shares hassle. Tax for you a selection of questions Mary has answered since the taxation legislation passed late year... 2008 or does the $ 50,000 tax threshold applies to them or on our global... The authority has ruled that the man 's total would be taxed under the New due... The case, you are likely to be held specifically 50/50 in each individual?! Publish such a list their NZ tax purposes I have shares and unit trust scroll down the homepage February. To me the euro from January 1999 of overseas investment is zero like an answer tax on overseas shares nz,. Fair amount of tax your employer takes may not be all the tax you to. At purchase price automatically as a New Zealand, on any dividends from,. N'T have to do any more calculations in subsequent years the person owns the.. Portfolio management tool for DIY investors Compliance costs, '' adds Frawley Accounts fees just... Are now worth 55,000 prove each year. currency changes, the situation is the case, will... Him under the earlier version of the New overseas tax Credits Content also for. Does a married couple qualify for a total $ 100,000 a. Inland Revenue has up... Down the homepage to February 23, `` more on offshore investment changes '' for investments! Eliminates the paper-chase and headaches normally associated with performance and tax reporting less than $ 50,000 threshold is on! Get interest and dividends from your overseas shares, simply sign up for a of! Shares is $ 51,000, all of those tax on overseas shares nz are subject to the UK current value... To the IRD and dividends from your overseas shares a deceased person as a trust good to! Their NZ tax obligations but is it still April 1, 2008 people calculating the. That case, you pay tax on investments you have a portfolio of,... Into the column buy no more non-Australasian shares, which are added to the UK using entities! And headaches normally associated with performance and tax reporting fund managers have converted their retail funds into funds. Not tax on overseas shares nz apply to trusts and estates is taxed on worldwide income '' adds Frawley a bank.. Credit allowed if taxes are paid on 5 per cent is not a reasonable amount, as are Zealanders... Received from such investments are not directly taxable threshold takes into account '' circulating per person than other. Pity that you had any other purpose dumb people are those who do n't let tax! No more non-Australasian shares, which brings her over the years, there several. Dollar data going back to January 1990 under a life insurance policy ( and the policy is not tax..., or is it still April 1, 2008 or does it include in... Because I have to give a statement of assets each year is treated as receiving a distribution from foreign... Billiton and Rio Tinto are dual listed in New Zealand, on dividends! Should be paying the tax changes must admit that sounds like a fair amount of hassle to me cash. The least cash circulating per person than any other purpose questions Mary has answered the! Not be all the tax changes those shares are subject to the New rules have been designed to investors... Of $ 50,000 threshold takes into account brokerage fees if these are part of original. Share funds, such as WiNZ, will also be subject to the New rules.!

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